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    Where To Bet Online

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    Blackjack Power Points that will ensure Success and Fun

    Blackjack combines simplicity, fast pace, and enough strategy to keep things intriguing. That makes it one of the most popular games being offered by online casino gambling websites. The element of strategy is what makes Blackjack so popular and why there are countless books that have been written about it. With that in mind we'll take a look a couple of important factors that go into building a successful Blackjack strategy that is based on solid fundamentals.

    The Insurance option is in reality just a side bet that the dealer with an Ace showing as a 10 in the hole. However if you ask a Blackjack dealer he will probably fess up to something entirely different. With a normal distribution of the cards and at a 2-1 payoff, the Insurance bet is about eight percent against you which makes it an absolutely terrible bet, in fact, one of the worst on the entire board.

    However, if you happen to know enough to understand when the remaining deck has fewer than twice as many non-tens than tens then taking the Insurance is a good bet. A good rule of thumb is that if you are not good at counting cards you should not take insurance.

    Keep in mind that Blackjack games are not created equal. A two deck Blackjack game will handicap your play at negative 0.35% while four decks increase the handicap to negative 0.48%. Simply put, look for the best game with the best rules that are most advantageous for your bankroll.